Business Opportunities in US & China

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How to Explore Business Opportunities in the US and China

Nowadays, globalization is the trend of world business. Enterprises can not only rely on a local market if they want to keep their business growing. This is especially true for Korean small businesses that are looking for a new market.  For the past decade, the top two countries most of Korean businesses chose to go have been the U.S. and China.  In the U.S., especially in Atlanta area, the Korean population and the number of Korean owned businesses have grown rapidly.  In China, with the fast growth of Chinese economy, Korean investments have showered in and a lot of Korean businessmen have chosen to move to China.  In Beijing area alone, the estimated Koran population has topped 300,000.  In Tianjin City which has residents of more than 10 million, Korean owned businesses are very significant.  With the slowing down of the U.S. economy, more and more Korean businesses in Korea or in the U.S. are looking at the China market with great interest.  Nevertheless, for these Korean businessmen, apart from language, the difference in culture and legal system are huge challenges.

On December 5th, 2007, in order to help many small and medium sized companies to move into new countries for new opportunities, , Liu & Associates, P.C., an international law firm which has its headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia and many branch offices in China, has successfully organized a Sino-US Business Opportunity Forum in Tianjin, with the help of Tianjin City Department of Commerce and its business consulting partners, including Yien Consulting Co. based in Beijing, China, Wall Street Consulting based in Shanghai, China and Wudang Research Association based in Orlando, Florida.

About 50 businessmen, journalists and senior officers from the Department of Commerce attended the Forum.  Warren Wen, an attorney from Liu & Associates, P.C. who is an expert with years of experience in helping foreign companies getting into China market and US market hosted the forum.

Ms. Terri Morgan, an expert in China-US market entry and investment, first gave an excellent presentation in “How can foreign enterprises enter the U.S. Market and how to do the Brand marketing in the U.S.” Terri Morgan is currently the President of the Wudang Research Association. She has extensive experience in business development, information technology, marketing business analysis, process design and technical documentation. Terri has been invited as a speaker in various national and international conferences for many years.

Later on, Mr. George Zhu, an expert on cross culture marketing and selling, made a presentation regarding how to master the culture and legal system differences in getting into a new foreign market.  Mr. Zhu used to be the Director of the Marketing Department of Coca Cola, China, and is currently on the board and consultant for several known public traded companies in China.  In his presentation, Mr. Zhu blended his insight with case studies and actual cases he has handled during his highly successful career years.  The audience was very impressed with his presentation and gave him very high remarks.

The last presentation was given by Warren Wen, a partner attorney of Liu & Associates, P.C. and the senior consultant for Yien Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. With the deep understanding of the challenges faced by the small and medium sized companies who are trying to get into a new foreign market, Warren Wen offered specific advice for the entrepreneurs on how to get into a foreign market successfully with the lowest cost and risk.  One of the advices given was how to find a reliable local partner.

After Mr. Wen’s presentation, many entrepreneurs approached Mr. Wen and expressed their interest in partnering with foreign investors in either investing in the U.S. market or expanding business in China. They wanted Yien Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd and Liu & Associates, P.C. to help them find business partners in the U.S. and Korea.  In fact, several entrepreneurs are scheduled to visit Atlanta at the end of December and early January 2008.  Any company or entrepreneur wants to partner with Chinese companies in doing business in the U.S. or China, especially in Tianjin can contact Attorney Warren Wen of Liu & Associates, P.C. at Address: 3166 Chestnut Drive Connector, Suite 168, Atlanta, GA 30340. Telephone: (770) 481-0609, Fax: (770) 481-0597, E-mail: , Website:

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