Real Estate


After two decades’ built-up, Liu & Associates, P.C. has become one of the top closing law firms in the Asian community of Atlanta. Whether it’s investing in a business or a new home, we make sure to offer professional services that will help secure your investment while keeping our prices low.

If you’re looking for experience and quality in service, you have come to the right place. We have closed about over 10,000 cases as of 2019 totaling over billion dollars in purchases, with 99.9% of the cases being closed on time. Our closing attorney is approved with over 70 mortgage companies and 90 lenders, covering most major lenders in the southeast US.

Whether you are a returning or new client, we hope that the combination of professional personalized service and low prices will satisfy your real estate needs.

Client Testimonials

“We wanted to thank you again for helping us in buying our current home and selling our previous home. The two transactions were very different but we are equally impressed by the high quality pre-closing procedures. When we had some emergencies at closing, you handled them elegantly and professionally. All parties were very happy at the closing thanks to your efforts. We would recommend your service to any friend without reservation.”

–Lei and Mei

“We wanted to thank you for your efforts in making this a smooth transaction. Your time and effort were much appreciated. The closing team (attorney and pre-closer) were very efficient, professional, and enjoyable to work with.”

–Emery, seller’s realtor

“You handled the unexpected crisis from the seller in a professional and gracious manner. The extra time and effort you and your team put in this closing were far more than money could reward you for. I feel indebted for the sacrifice you made in order to close the deal.”

–John, buyer’s realtor

“I have been a realtor for over 20 years, and I had the most efficient and enjoyable closing in your firm. Not only did you do a very thorough pre-closing job, but you were also very customer oriented. We were able to get all of our issues handled and questions answered prior to the closing. It took us a very short time to close the deal when we were actually at the closing table. I am very pleased with your work.”

–Gale, seller’s realtor

“I came to your firm for the sale of my house. From my experience as a mortgage broker myself, I could tell that your firm is very efficient and the staff is well trained. You handled the closing beautifully. I would refer my clients to your firm.”

–John, seller/mortgage broker

 “My husband and I would like to thank you all for helping us close our home today.  We are very satisfied with all of your services.  The dedication, passion, hardwork and responsibility that your organization expressed is outstanding and unprecedented.  We have already strongly recommended your services to several of our friends and colleagues and will continue to do the same.”

–Sriramya, buyer